Our mindset summed up by three words.

Innovative is the first word in our mantra – for good reason. Maklarbak was founded to improve safety and protection and permeates every thing we do. For us, innovation is about putting aside our military experience and opening up our minds to possibilities, asking the right questions, and thinking outside the proverbial box. We are not afraid to try something new, and we see change as an important part of staying ahead, and staying alive. Whether as a company in a competitive market, as a father keeping his family safe or as soldier navigating the hillsides of tomorrow at night, we are committed to innovation.


Tactical is an integral part of the ideation, design & development process here at Maklarbak. Our team members have more than 50+ combined years of shooting and tactical experience. This collective knowledge gives Maklarbak a competitive advantage in developing tactical products that solve problems and reduce risk. Supporting us is our network of former and active Military & LE operators who we involve in the earliest stages of new product development to ensure every angle is covered. Many ideas have gone through our initial R&D stages, but only the best make it through the refining process to live production. 


Performance Our team knows what they can expect from the guy next to them, and they expect no less from the gear they choose to carry. When you work in situations where only the toughest can keep a mental breakdown at bay, you need gear that performs in even the most hostile and torturous environments imaginable. The performance testing phase is the last and most critical phase in our production process. If it isn’t approved by our panel of experts, it doesn’t make it to market. Superior performance for superior warriors – that’s our standard.